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They came to Hebron fully determined to make David king over all Israel.

All the rest of the Israelites were also of one mind to make David king. There were plentiful supplies of flour, fig cakes, raisin cakes, wine, olive oil, cattle and sheep, for there was joy in Israel.

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But the other tribes were in favor of David as their king, and they had met in Hebron to turn the kingdom of Saul over to him. It was a tense time in Israel, and there was a need for great wisdom to discern those times. At that point, two hundred leaders of the tribe of Issachar are highlighted as men who understood what was happening, and knew exactly what to do.

And the children of Issachar, who were men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do… 1 Chronicles The word reflects the presence of intelligence and wisdom, even cunning and skill, in the process. In other words, this is not just an understanding of the facts, but a skillful analysis of what something truly means.

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The sons of Issachar had analyzed their times and had perceived correctly what those times were all about. They knew what to do because they understood what was happening. It was obvious to them that Saul had not been a good king and there was no established dynasty to keep the kingship in the tribe of Benjamin.

David had emerged as a real leader by virtue of his character and ability. He was the type of king Israel needed during those turbulent times. David was from that tribe and was indeed fully qualified to be the king.

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The sons of Issachar knew exactly what to do. All of the tribes should get together and crown David as the new King of Israel.


At the same time, when they are on the ground they rely on stealth, subterfuge, and trickery to make themselves seem more dangerous or less obvious. Both approaches work. In terms of play, the Kypiq face many obstacles as a tribe, which typically brings the tribe together as one. The kypiq are likely to attract a warmer, friendly group of players due to the inherent challenges they face. I expect a good deal of roleplay as well to offset the inherent stress and anxiety that comes from being such easy targets. So play the kypiq if you want to have fun, tinker, and hang out in the trees.

Do not play the Kypiq if you're looking to conquer, expand, or dominate martially. The Neran are the most adaptive, which allows them to exist in virtually all temperature regions. They span from the Lower Montane Forest in the sub-arctic, cool temperate, all the way to the Grasslands and Shrublands in the sub-tropical. They are the jack of all trades and the masters of none. Play the Neran if you want mounted combat, animal taming and breeding, and focus on a broad set of crafting and other skills.

They are the Riders of Rohan and the Dunedain. Because of their jack-of-all trade nature, they are attractive to less hardcore players, and will thus likely have less RP'ers. If you enjoy a custom meta, play the Neran. But do not play the Neran if you're looking for the same deep, meaningful story integration, and strong tribal culture that exists within the other tribes.

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  6. Their adaptive nature means that the Neran have no real identity of their own to speak of. The To'resk are the "Nerans of the south," however their different religion and role in the Godswars have put them down a different path. They interact with and act as traders, brokers, and merchants with all of the southern tribes, as well as several of the northern tribes. They are among the most skillful in social skills and value wealth and mercantilism.

    Because trading and deals are so much a part of their culture, they value honesty and integrity perhaps more than other tribe. As a result, they both deal harshly with criminals, and have also become the masters of telling the truth without telling the whole truth. But that is not all there is to the To'resk. Like the Neran, they have many skills, but unlike the Neran, the To'resk have a more divided society.

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    At one end are the aristocrats and courtiers, while on the other end there's the rice farmers, fishers, and sailors. But this division of culture also provides some of the best opportunity to rise up through the ranks. Play the To'resk if you want to be heavily involved in the Dance of Dynasties, want to rise up through the ranks to build a noble house, or want to play a sailor, merchant, or trader. Do not play the To'resk if you want be a strong martial or military society, as the To'resk value the pen over the sword. The Waerd value their community in a way none of the other tribes do.

    The Waerd see their strength as an open collective, relying on everyone to make their society better. They work toward their utopia, while at the same time trying to do the Will of the Queen. From a gameplay standpoint, the Waerd are skillful in many things, both intellectual as well as martial, and are great information gatherers. In their own biomes they fill virtually every role, while out in the other biomes they act as craftspeople on loan, information brokers, spies, and even assassins. Their major weakness is that they are hampered on the battlefield. The mechanics typically associated with pitched battles and group combat doesn't work on a battlefield for the Waerd.

    As a result, they are both less effective on a battlefield, and also in greater danger than the other tribes. Play Waerd if you want to build a community utopia, and work together with other players towards and idealist community. Play Waerd if you want to be an assassin, merchant, information broker, spy, etc. Do not play Waerd if you are a solo player, prefer to just quest all day, and are looking for pitched battles. Sign In. This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content as yet.

    All information is based on Developer Journals , the Kickstarter , and community discussions with developers.

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    There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals , the Kickstarter , and community discussions with developers. From Chronicles of Elyria Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. This article pertains to an area of the game which is currently in development. The information presented here is incomplete, and will be updated as more information becomes publicly available. Click here to show the full overview table. Concept Art Name Biome Avg.